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Let’s Talk Music and Classeek 15’ Podcasts

Esther Yoo recently appeared on two major music podcasts: Let’s Talk Music with Phillip Gainsley and Classeek 15’ with Jack Pepper. On Let’s Talk Music, she and Phillip Gainsley discussed the value of competitions, the importance of physical and mental health when performing as often as she does and the scope of her career so far.

Listen to Let’s Talk Music here: Episode 99 Esther Yoo — Let’s Talk Music

Esther spoke with Jack Pepper on Classeek 15’ about her relationship with the violin, dealing with the pandemic and the creation of her ‘Artist Confidential’ series on YouTube. They also touched on the importance of relationship building with other artists in the industry.

Listen to Classeek 15’ here: Esther Yoo: Performance Anxiety and the Psychology of Music