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Latest Album Now Available on Deutsche Grammophon

The Z.E.N. Trio is thrilled to announce that their second album has been released worldwide digitally on the Deutsche Grammophon label. Titled “Burning Through the Cold,” the album features works by Russian and Armenian composers whom are admired by the Z.E.N. Trio – comprised of former BBC New Generation Artists, pianist Zhang Zuo, violinist Esther Yoo and cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan.

The first two works on the album are some of Shostakovich and Babadjanian’s lesser-known works, which were both composed during World War II and the Soviet regime. Despite being lesser known, these pieces are nonetheless masterpieces. These are followed by Khachaturian’s “Sabre Dance” – one of the most popular ballet movements from Gayane. The album ends with Rachmaninov’s “Vocalise,” which is an original arrangement by the Z.E.N. Trio and Narek’s mother, Gayane Akhnazaryan. These works are meaningful to the trio as these composers’ roots have always been part of the trios musical lives.

The Z.E.N. Trio wishes for listeners to join them on a journey to discover these hidden gems and to experience the dark moments in history at which a point in time these works were written. Now available through major retailers, click here to stream The Z.E.N. Trio’s latest album.